Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ignorance is Bliss (when it comes to 9/11)

How long will we slumber in the cosy idea that 9/11 was planned, orchestrated, and credited towards a rag-tag group of Arab hijackers (novice pilots)? When we hear the lost conservative cry out... "George Bush would never allow such a thing..." one can't help but realize those who say this are living in a state of denial. So we will sit back and watch as his, the most corrupt gov't in US history, goes down, scandal, after scandal, after scandal. The conservative Rebublican ethos has always been devoid of concepts like compassion, equality, and planning for future generations (except for their own). Republican administration after administration have always set their priorities first for industrial military profileration, lowering taxes for the wealthiest and of course the distrubution of federal monies to a small circle of supporters and sponsors. If these powerful oil magnates are determined to lie and forge intelligence about a supposed menace in Iraq, then the slight of hand which is 9/11 is merely a short days work. Think about it. The results are clear to see- they are all rich beyond their wildest dreams in only 4 short years. And finally, we can hear this comment over and over, as if it's coming from the same conservative mouth in defense of the official 9/11 report... "if you hate this country so much, then get the f*** out of it." Charming slogan, and yes, like the gorilla at the state zoo, we've all heard it grunt, and seen it beat its chest. But it does sums up the intellectual level that these manipulating power drinkers love to hear coming from the mouths of their lost patriots. But woe to them, as such base-level and unexamined comments actually have a thread of fear running right through them. The actual truth behind the whitewash of a report which is The 9/11 Commission is much more frightening than the prospect of a few sinister Arabs hiding in the caves of Tora Bora. I hear this fear in the voices of even the most liberal of American thinkers, as if they are nearly brainwashed into a state of denial and could think of no worse fate in this life than to acknowledge that they have been taken for the greatest ride in history since the Vatican proclaimed to its followers that the world was flat! To discover that there were complicit forces within our own country, monied interests and pure greed, the likes of that which had brought us over ten years of Vietnam where over 2 million Vietnamese died and 58,000 young US men wiped out... for essentially nothing? It was a war which split our country in two, a war which did not benefit the people at all. So then, who amongst us has fallen for this scam (the mother of all scams)? I feel sorry for Americans who call themselves patriots and yet despise an open inquiry about what really happened on 9/11. They are arguably scared about what they might find there and would rather close ranks instead of directing their frustration towards the actual source of our problems, that is those in power. And then there's the time-honored classic, "Love it or leave it", a degrading one for sure, and wastefully used against the true innocent party here in this conversation: the average American Independent Thinker! So, let's see if Bush's great wartime novel has a happy ending, but I would advise anyone... don't hold your breathe...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate your frankness, there is definately a new conversation that needs to happen, and no better time to sart than now.

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on! Let's role with it!

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For once it seems like enough people have seen or heard something about what might have really happened on that day. The same is coming out with the death of Princess Di in the UK. Evidence is hard to stick in a world that is only fed news from CNN and FOX TV. The papers aren't much better. If we haven't got to grips with JFK yet, what's make you think we will ever get to grips with this one?

7:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found your blog today, and I like the title. Some topics are definitely scary. Even the most open-minded of us fear bringing this out in the open. People are slowly awakening to the fact that the truth isn't official, just like they said in the past that revolution wouldn't be televised.

The lies are so big it gets harder and harder every day to challenge them. I'm realizing to its full extent this implacable truth - the bigger the lies, the harder they are to expose.

The lies have gotten so big that they make me look back...was anything else really true in the past 50 years or so? How about history, wasn't it written by the victors?

At least in the past the authorities cared about justifications and the masses. Now it's just, take my word for it. The truth is only what they say is true at one moment. It seems the only thing that remains is the average person's critical thinking, the only freedom residing in people's ability to think for themselves...but many of us haven't even started doing that, let alone learned how to do it.

1:14 PM  

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